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I wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your book Trekking in the Karakoram and Hindukush - I alway turn to this book whenever I want to dream about visiting Pakistan. :) Tabea, Germany, January 2020

I want to make the trip to the Wakhan and I have found your website to be very helpful - not to mention the beautiful brochure! - thanks! Aimee, Kabul, June 2014

I am writing to share a recent article I wrote about my travels through the Wakhan Corridor, which also includes some of my photographs. I also wished to thank you for the detailed information provided on your website, as it was exceptionally helpful during my pre-trip planning. As a scholar myself, I've found your articles on the cultural history of the Wakhan exceptionally engaging and informative … much of my own knowledge of the region has come from your own work. James, Canada, June 2014

Your travels and publications are very inspiring: Your careers are exactly the path that I hope to pursue. Paul, UK, October 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed your inspiring expedition notes and photographs, and indeed, as a newspaper correspondent until recently based in Pakistan, I enjoyed your excellent guide book. I. Wilkinson, February 2012

I've had a lot of fun reading your Lonely Planet work and website and really admire what the two of you have been doing over your whole lives. S. Bradley, Australia, February 2008

Thanks for the inspirational website. I hoped to travel into Wakhan in 1973 but the King was deposed and that was that; we were repeatedly turned back. Thirty-five years later and retired, I am inspired by your website to thinking about it again…
Mark, UK, October 2007

I have read your informative and very interesting report from August 2004. Congratulations on a fine achievement and in particular on having the confidence to proceed beyond the ice cave area to the Dilisang Pass, when you remained uncertain exactly where it was.
Bill, Surrey, UK, March 2007

Your website is great - you have led amazing lives!
Kristin, Ohio, March 2007

I visited your website, which is very useful for tourists in general and the Wakhis in particular. The Wakhi educated younger generation is appreciative and indebted for your intellectual contributions to pay attention to this race and their culture.
Ahmed Jami Sakhi, Gilgit, Pakistan, February 2007

I visited your web site and I found it very interesting, my best compliments for your trips and for the pictures. Reading your report about the traverse from Wakhan to [Pakistan] made me want to visit Wakhan and cross Irshad Uween.
Pietro, Italy, June 2006

What a nice web site you have! And what an example you can be for a young 20-year-old traveller like me! There is nothing more important in life than having the courage to live our dream … Wow!
Olivier, Montréal, April 2006

GORE-TEX Brand ® Shipton/Tilman Grants

2004 Mock & O'Neil Wakhan Expedition

Read the expedition report, or read it on W.L. Gore's / WINDSTOPPER ® Adventure Diaries.

2000 Mock & O'Neil Oprang Expedition

Read the expedition report.

Lonely Planet Publications

Lonely Planet's Grand Canyon National Park Guidebook

Lonely Planet's Hiking in the Sierra Nevada Guidebook

Winner of 2002 National Outdoor Book Award
"Hiking in the Sierra Nevada is a user friendly, rock-solid guidebook with clear writing, useful topographic maps, inviting photos and it's conveniently sized to fit in the side pocket of your pack."

Fire Safe Council California

University of California, Santa Cruz

Wildlife Conservation in Central Asia & South Asia

  • IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) published in its June 2014, No. 82 issue of The Mountain Protected Areas UPDATE:
    "The Wildlife Conservation Society applauds the Afghanistan Government's recent declaration establishing the entire Wakhan District, one of the most remote areas of Afghanistan, as the nation's second national park. The Wakhan National Park, with its beautiful alpine grasslands and craggy mountains, will provide protection for Afghanistan's rare and vulnerable wildlife such as the snow leopard, Marco Polo sheep, lynx, Himalayan ibex and urial. This new protected area will be co-managed by the Afghanistan Government and local communities, providing livelihoods related to the park and improved services to one of the poorest and most isolated regions on earth. The new park, just over 1 million hectares or 4,200 square miles, is in Afghanistan's far northeast, and borders Tajikistan, Pakistan and China; its narrow valley landscape is sandwiched between the Pamir and Hindu Kush Mountains. This huge new protected area is about 25 percent bigger than Yellowstone National Park. Network members John Mock and Kim O'Neil, and George Schaller have been working toward this end. This is indeed good news!"
  • Read (page 1 of 2, and page 2 of 2) the March 6, 2007 New York Times article "Preserving land and Wildlife, to Restore the Afghan Identity" about the Wildlife Conservation Society's Afghanistan Biodiversity Project whose Community Conservation component in Wakhan is managed by John Mock.

  • IUCN SSC Caprinae Specialist Group Blue sheep in Pakistan, 2000

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